Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 45

DARRINGTON, W.J.12/04/1918
DAVEY, W.C.04/11/1917
DAVIDSON, R.H.17/07/1917
DAVIES, A.I.02/10/1915
DAVIES, G.E.10/09/1914
DAVIES, L.03/06/1917
DAVIS, S.22/11/1916
DAVIS, W.R.Unknown
DAWES, R.26/06/1915
DAWS, L.08/11/1914
DAWSON, A.G.Unknown
DAWSON, G.19/04/1917
DAY, C.E.27/05/1918
DAY, L.25/09/1915
DAY, W.E.05/06/1916
DE WAEL, C.H.06/04/1918
DEAN, D.Unknown
DEAN, R.E.07/06/1917
DEELEY, A.03/03/1919
DENNIS, T.R.19/10/1915
DENT, C.G.27/09/1918
DEW, A.13/06/1917
DISTON, A.23/01/1917
DIXON, J.O.13/05/1917
DOUST, C.B.01/07/1916
DOUST, N.S.20/06/1918
DOYLE, G.01/07/1918
DRYSDALE, A.I.28/07/1916
DRYSDALE, H.D.01/09/1915
DUDDY, S.J.27/05/1918
DUFF, F.J.28/08/1917
DUKE, A.Unknown
DUKE, F.H.30/11/1917
DULIEU, L.G.21/08/1915
DUNLOP, J.W.05/03/1917
DUNMALL, W.12/04/1918
DUNN, A.19/03/1916
DUNN, F.C.R.10/07/1916
DUNN, H.H.26/09/1916
DUNNETT, W.G.30/05/1915
DUNSTER, E.W.16/08/1918
DURRANT, A.W.13/11/1916
DUTTON, T.D.03/11/1917
DYE, E.A.07/09/1917