Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 18

KEEN, A. possible duplicate A T KeenUnknown
KEEN, A.T.04/10/1917
KEMP, B. possibly Gilbert aka Bertie KempUnknown
KEMP, D.23/06/1917
KEMP, G.E.23/06/1917
KENDRICK, H.C.18/04/1917
KENT, P.22/07/1916
KEW, G.Unknown
KILLICK, A.H.Unknown
KILROY, F.24/03/1918
KIMBER, A.J.05/01/1918
KINDER, R.C.20/09/1917
KING, E.G.09/10/1918
KING, W.F.04/11/1917
KITSON, G.B.01/04/1915
KNAPPETT, H.W.04/10/1917
KNIGHT, J.P.31/08/1916
KRIEKENBECK, E.18/04/1916