Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 63

MACKAY, I.Unknown
MACKLING, A.14/10/1917
MADDOX, C.P.20/11/1917
MALCOLM, A.V.S.17/02/1917
MAN, F.C.21/02/1919
MANCHIP, T.A.25/04/1917
MANN, J.S.22/07/1920
MANSELL, L.W.22/04/1917
MANSFIELD, A.F.08/08/1917
MARFLEET, E.C.26/10/1917
MARTIN, A.A.12/07/1916
MARTIN, R.Unknown
MATHER, F.T.20/08/1918
MATTHEWS, G.09/08/1918
MATTHEWS, W.25/05/1915
MATTHOLIE, L.W.24/08/1914
MATTHOLIE, S.M.11/02/1922
MAUNTON, A.03/07/1916
MAW, G.O.10/07/1916
MAY, A.T.15/12/1917
MAYNARD, J.19/10/1920
McCLELLAN, G.E.C.20/10/1915
McCLURE, F.C.28/10/1918
McDOUGALL, D.R.01/11/1914
McKENZIE, K.Unknown
McLEAN, W.A.G.C.14/06/1915
MCMILLAN, J.A.13/11/1916
MEADES, S.09/10/1918
MEARS, A.11/09/1916
MEGGS, A.03/10/1916
MELLISH, H.T.04/10/1917
MEPHAM, P.W.25/12/1916
MIDDLETON, R.G.10/10/1916
MILES, A.S.27/02/1919
MILES, L.P.07/10/1916
MILLER, G.02/08/1916
MILLER, R.03/07/1916
MILLS, T.G.02/10/1916
MITCHELL, A.03/11/1918
MITCHELL, A.J.20/07/1917
MITCHELL, A.R.31/10/1917
MITCHELL, O.J.27/03/1919
MITCHELL, T.13/05/1915
MOCKRIDGE, R.E.02/09/1918
MONCKTON, W.25/03/1917
MONTIER, O.08/08/1918
MOON, H.W.31/07/1917
MOORE, A.R.06/04/1915
MOORE, W.E.03/08/1918
MORRISON, C.P.27/10/1918
MORRISON, R.B.12/07/1917
MORROW, A.18/07/1917
MORTIMER, A.26/09/1917
MORUM, J.H.23/06/1915
MUMMERY, H.W.23/08/1918
MUNCEY, H.03/05/1917
MUNCEY, H.J.14/05/1915
MUNCEY, HARRY10/07/1916
MUNCEY, W. possible duplicate W E MunceyUnknown
MUNCEY, W.E.09/09/1916
MUNDAY, J.04/08/1916
MURRIN, S.S.19/11/1918
MYALL, E.G.26/09/1915