Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 75

SAKER, F.A.L.08/05/1918
SALES, C.H.A.11/07/1916
SALES, W.C.26/10/1917
SANDLE, H.J.25/02/1915
SAUNDERS, T.W.17/05/1920
SCHOOLING, C.H.21/06/1917
SCHOOLING, E.C.31/10/1914
SCOUGALL, A.M.07/10/1915
SCRIVENER, G.01/05/1918
SCUTT, C.E.14/05/1916
SHAFTO, J.S.H.12/08/1916
SHARP, H.19/08/1916
SHELLY, G.23/03/1918
SHINGLETON, C.H.14/01/1919
SILCOCK, A.W.Unformatted
SILCOX, W.08/10/1917
SIMEONS, E.E.17/02/1916
SIMMONS, E.15/11/1914
SIMPSON, H.G.06/06/1915
SIMPSON, W.F.25/02/1918
SINDEN, R.25/10/1914
SINGLETON, H.27/10/1917
SINNOTT, G.18/08/1916
SKETCHLEY, E.F.P.12/10/1916
SKILLITER, M.J.18/03/1917
SKINNER, H.W.22/03/1918
SKINNER, P.J.16/08/1917
SMALL, W.26/02/1918
SMART, C.27/10/1914
SMITH, A.D.T.16/08/1917
SMITH, A.G.Unknown
SMITH, E.A.23/07/1916
SMITH, F.27/07/1917
SMITH, H.07/12/1915
SMITH, H.C.01/11/1918
SMITH, H.T.02/04/1918
SMITH, H.W.01/10/1916
SMITH, HARRY03/07/1916
SMITH, K.25/08/1918
SMITH, L. possible duplicate L C W SmithUnknown
SMITH, L.C.W.28/03/1918
SMITH, R.08/05/1917
SMITH, S.G.18/04/1915
SMITH, S.J.03/06/1917
SMITH, W.J.S.28/10/1915
SMITHERS, R.25/06/1916
SMOOTHEY, L.03/07/1916
SOAMES, E.09/01/1918
SOAMES, R.E.01/07/1916
SOANS, W.H.22/07/1916
SONGHURST, A.17/07/1917
SPARK, B.E.16/12/1917
SPARKS, A.Unknown
SPEYER, C.A.16/08/1917
STACY, A.04/10/1915
STACY, B.26/04/1917
STANDING, T.R.28/06/1918
STANFORD, A.G.25/10/1916
STANLEY, S.M.08/03/1918
STANTON, V.G.29/03/1918
STEEDEN, A.W.18/08/1918
STEERS, E.10/07/1918
STENNING, M.A.26/03/1916
STENT, J.W.25/02/1915
STEVENS, A.R.24/04/1918
STEVENS, G.T.19/04/1918
STEVENS, S. possible duplicate S J StevensUnknown
STEVENS, S.J.21/09/1916
STIDWILL, H.27/07/1916
STONE, R.E.21/10/1918
STRINGER, F.T.22/09/1918
STURGEON, G.07/07/1916
SUMNER, F.C.09/07/1919
SUTTON, W.16/02/1917
SYMONDSON, V.F.13/11/1918