Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 26

MATTHOLIE, L.W.24/08/1914
NEWMAN, J.J.24/08/1914
DAVIES, G.E.10/09/1914
ROBB, A.K.20/09/1914
ANDERSON, W.J.22/09/1914
BOURNE, E.22/09/1914
BROOKS, C.G.28/09/1914
WHITEHEAD, C.15/10/1914
BREMMER, F.20/10/1914
CROFT, G.21/10/1914
ROMILLY, A.H.21/10/1914
HAFFENDEN, A.22/10/1914
BARNES, W.G.24/10/1914
SINDEN, R.25/10/1914
SMART, C.27/10/1914
CHITTY, W.30/10/1914
ADAMSON, W.31/10/1914
LEE, H.31/10/1914
SCHOOLING, E.C.31/10/1914
McDOUGALL, D.R.01/11/1914
DAWS, L.08/11/1914
AYLES, F.N.13/11/1914
GUMBRELL, J.G.15/11/1914
SIMMONS, E.15/11/1914
CLARKE, C.26/11/1914
GREEN, F.H.22/12/1914