Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 192

RULE, A.13/01/1916
CAMPBELL, G.S.24/01/1916
HASLAM, W.H.W.07/02/1916
HAKEWILL, T.G.11/02/1916
FAIRCHILD, H.12/02/1916
SIMEONS, E.E.17/02/1916
VIVASH, J.B.26/02/1916
HICKMORE, P.16/03/1916
ARNOLD, J.W.17/03/1916
HUNTER, J.18/03/1916
DUNN, A.19/03/1916
STENNING, M.A.26/03/1916
CRAFTER, W.H.04/04/1916
VASS, F.06/04/1916
BROWN, H.M.09/04/1916
KRIEKENBECK, E.18/04/1916
PLANNER, W.C.24/04/1916
AUSTEN, W.C.30/04/1916
JONES, L.O.05/05/1916
TOLHURST, G.05/05/1916
WARWICK, V.A.E.05/05/1916
BRAY, T.14/05/1916
SCUTT, C.E.14/05/1916
ASHLEE, T.W.15/05/1916
HILLYER, W.H.22/05/1916
CRAKER, A.31/05/1916
FOSTALL, L.31/05/1916
JOHNSON, G.M.31/05/1916
ROBINSON, H.A.31/05/1916
TUFFIN, A.31/05/1916
VENTERS, C.31/05/1916
WINTER, A.J.31/05/1916
HOARE, O.C.W.01/06/1916
RICHARDS, A.L.01/06/1916
THOMPSON, C.H.03/06/1916
DAY, W.E.05/06/1916
HONEY, F.13/06/1916
EDWARDS, E.15/06/1916
NEELY, C20/06/1916
SMITHERS, R.25/06/1916
WOOD, T.G.29/06/1916
ALLEN, G.A.01/07/1916
ARNAUD, F.C.01/07/1916
BALL, G.01/07/1916
DOUST, C.B.01/07/1916
EDWARDS, T.01/07/1916
FOSTER, H.L.H.01/07/1916
GRUBB, D.N.01/07/1916
HAMMOND, J.W.01/07/1916
HORSPOOL, H.J.01/07/1916
JENKINS, W.E.01/07/1916
RAVEN, G.01/07/1916
ROLFE, A.H.S.01/07/1916
SOAMES, R.E.01/07/1916
TAYLOR, H.W.01/07/1916
WHITE, C.DE.B.01/07/1916
BEATSON, R.S.M.02/07/1916
LANDREY, C.02/07/1916
BUTLER, F.S.03/07/1916
ELLIOTT, E.A.03/07/1916
GOLDING, P.J.03/07/1916
HUGHES, J.H.03/07/1916
MAUNTON, A.03/07/1916
MILLER, R.03/07/1916
OVENDEN, N.03/07/1916
SMITH, HARRY03/07/1916
SMOOTHEY, L.03/07/1916
WARBOYS, H.03/07/1916
WARD, A.E.03/07/1916
WOOD, FRED,A.03/07/1916
LEWIS, G.S.07/07/1916
STURGEON, G.07/07/1916
DUNN, F.C.R.10/07/1916
MAW, G.O.10/07/1916
MUNCEY, HARRY10/07/1916
WEEKS, S.F.10/07/1916
SALES, C.H.A.11/07/1916
MARTIN, A.A.12/07/1916
BECKETT ALF;13/07/1916
HEATH, E.C.13/07/1916
OWERS, R.13/07/1916
VENTERS, W.S.13/07/1916
BUTLER, G.14/07/1916
OAKES, G.F.T.15/07/1916
CLARK, W.O.17/07/1916
BEATSON, W.W.G.18/07/1916
HOPGOOD, T.W.19/07/1916
WINFIELD, P.19/07/1916
BARTLETT, L.A.22/07/1916
FERGUSSON, D.22/07/1916
GILLETT, F.T.22/07/1916
KENT, P.22/07/1916
READ, B.C.22/07/1916
SOANS, W.H.22/07/1916
TRUEMAN, G.22/07/1916
NOBBS, W.E.22/07/1916
SMITH, E.A.23/07/1916
POTTER, J.24/07/1916
HARRIS, F.S.27/07/1916
STIDWILL, H.27/07/1916
DRYSDALE, A.I.28/07/1916
PEACOCK, L.F.30/07/1916
YARROW, G.30/07/1916
VALLINS, H.W.31/07/1916
MILLER, G.02/08/1916
MUNDAY, J.04/08/1916
EASTWOOOD, W.W.12/08/1916
SHAFTO, J.S.H.12/08/1916
BROWN, A.W.S.18/08/1916
CHEEL, G.18/08/1916
SINNOTT, G.18/08/1916
SHARP, H.19/08/1916
COOPER, A.H.30/08/1916
HUBBARD, A.G.30/08/1916
BAYLIS, A.E.31/08/1916
BOND, H.S.V.31/08/1916
KNIGHT, J.P.31/08/1916
THORPE, H.C.03/09/1916
THURLING, W.R.03/09/1916
GREEN, C.G.08/09/1916
BEST, F.G.09/09/1916
MUNCEY, W.E.09/09/1916
CUTLER, P.11/09/1916
MEARS, A.11/09/1916
BOAKS, G.12/09/1916
BADDELEY, K.15/09/1916
BROWN, A.J.15/09/1916
CLARKE, J.T.15/09/1916
EDKINS, H.15/09/1916
FRY, W.A.15/09/1916
HORLOCK, G.W.15/09/1916
THOMSETT, L.L.15/09/1916
TOWSE, N.15/09/1916
WILSON, G.R.15/09/1916
BECKETT, ART;16/09/1916
WHITTLE, A.D.16/09/1916
HONEY, D.20/09/1916
STEVENS, S.J.21/09/1916
WHITE, W.G.23/09/1916
FAIRWEATHER, E.24/09/1916
PACKER, C.25/09/1916
DUNN, H.H.26/09/1916
WHITEHEAD, S.30/09/1916
HARDING, W.J.01/10/1916
SMITH, H.W.01/10/1916
MILLS, T.G.02/10/1916
JUPP, A.S.03/10/1916
MEGGS, A.03/10/1916
TURNER, F.03/10/1916
CHAMPION, F.04/10/1916
ASTLE, E.07/10/1916
BROWNE, E.07/10/1916
CHILDS, G.W.07/10/1916
COOPER, A.V.07/10/1916
HARRIS, W.G.07/10/1916
HILL, H.R.07/10/1916
MILES, L.P.07/10/1916
PRIOR, H.07/10/1916
WILSON, D.O.08/10/1916
MIDDLETON, R.G.10/10/1916
PITMAN, P.G.12/10/1916
SKETCHLEY, E.F.P.12/10/1916
WALLACE, F.V.12/10/1916
PINION, F.17/10/1916
HOPE, J.R.21/10/1916
PAGE, H.W.23/10/1916
WHITE, J.23/10/1916
JORDAN, H.25/10/1916
STANFORD, A.G.25/10/1916
RUSSELL, W.J.01/11/1916
NEAL, A.05/11/1916
PARSONS, G.H.06/11/1916
WARLOW, L.06/11/1916
EAST, R.F.09/11/1916
ARCHER, H.P.10/11/1916
DURRANT, A.W.13/11/1916
MCMILLAN, J.A.13/11/1916
GUNN, J.A.14/11/1916
BOXALL, J.D.16/11/1916
DAVIS, S.22/11/1916
COYLE, L.J.23/11/1916
AIREY, G.R.24/11/1916
ARMITAGE, W.A.J.27/11/1916
BARRON, S.T.08/12/1916
GALLON, C.W.11/12/1916
PADGHAM, L.17/12/1916
POWELL, A.F.21/12/1916
LANE, J.24/12/1916
MEPHAM, P.W.25/12/1916
HARMAN, A.26/12/1916
HUMPHERY, S.28/12/1916