Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 122

ASHBEE, G.W.01/01/1915
CLAYTON, W.G.03/01/1915
EAST, F.A.18/01/1915
BRICKSTOCK, A.O.28/01/1915
CURTIS, R.L.W.31/01/1915
WHITE, G.V.02/02/1915
HOLLANDS, O.G.03/02/1915
POTTER, H.03/02/1915
WILLETT, E.A.09/02/1915
HOWARD, C.W.22/02/1915
SANDLE, H.J.25/02/1915
STENT, J.W.25/02/1915
BUSH, S11/03/1915
AVIS, G.H.12/03/1915
JACKSON, J.M.12/03/1915
PERRY, G.H.G.15/03/1915
BARNARD, G.W.16/03/1915
ANDERSON, T.21/03/1915
KITSON, G.B.01/04/1915
MOORE, A.R.06/04/1915
HODGKINS, T.W.10/04/1915
BECKETT, C.18/04/1915
BRYANT, S.S.18/04/1915
CARTER, W.H.18/04/1915
SMITH, S.G.18/04/1915
HUGHES, A.22/04/1915
WALKER, G.W.22/04/1915
BONES, F.23/04/1915
FLEMING, H.M.23/04/1915
NEELY, H.23/04/1915
FARRAN, F.B.24/04/1915
FLAXMAN, R.24/04/1915
GREENWOOD, G.25/04/1915
HAYNES, H.25/04/1915
PAYNE, J.O.25/04/1915
WARD, B.26/04/1915
OLDHAM, W.28/04/1915
COLLINS, W.05/05/1915
BAILEY, E.J.06/05/1915
QUINCEY, DE Q.T.09/05/1915
VINEY, C.H.09/05/1915
MITCHELL, T.13/05/1915
ORDE, H.13/05/1915
PREBBLE, J.W.13/05/1915
BROWN, W.E.14/05/1915
MUNCEY, H.J.14/05/1915
ROBINSON, D.G.M.16/05/1915
ROE, H.E.16/05/1915
HODGSON, F.F.17/05/1915
RELF, Z.17/05/1915
WILLOWS, A.21/05/1915
RICHARDS, G.24/05/1915
HANCOX, C.E.25/05/1915
MATTHEWS, W.25/05/1915
DUNNETT, W.G.30/05/1915
SIMPSON, H.G.06/06/1915
BILLING, C.G.13/06/1915
McLEAN, W.A.G.C.14/06/1915
BRADFORD, N.C.15/06/1915
POWELL, M17/06/1915
TATHAM, C.18/06/1915
MORUM, J.H.23/06/1915
DAWES, R.26/06/1915
COOPER, G.S.28/06/1915
REANEY, M.F.02/07/1915
BOOSEY, N.C.22/07/1915
GRAIL, C.G.23/07/1915
RUST, R.E.23/07/1915
BANKS, H.N.06/08/1915
RUSSELL, ERN.J.09/08/1915
HOMAN, R.W.11/08/1915
WILSON, J.A.11/08/1915
BROWN, S.G.13/08/1915
DULIEU, L.G.21/08/1915
RANSON, T.A.J.21/08/1915
RICHARDSON, W.A.I.31/08/1915
DRYSDALE, H.D.01/09/1915
WEST, T.01/09/1915
PATTERSON, G.15/09/1915
BRAY, W.25/09/1915
DAY, L.25/09/1915
FORWARD, C.A.25/09/1915
PARKIN, H.D.25/09/1915
ROMILLY, F.F.25/09/1915
VERRALL, V.25/09/1915
AVELING, H.26/09/1915
BOYSE, C.F.26/09/1915
LOVELL, F.26/09/1915
MYALL, E.G.26/09/1915
RICHARDS, G.F.26/09/1915
HARRIS, A.N.26/09/1915
GOODYEAR, K.C.28/09/1915
HAMMERTON, L.T.28/09/1915
BUTCHER, H.01/10/1915
LLOYD, F.L.01/10/1915
DAVIES, A.I.02/10/1915
STACY, A.04/10/1915
PEAT, W.G.07/10/1915
SCOUGALL, A.M.07/10/1915
BUTLER, T08/10/1915
EDWARDS, H.J.08/10/1915
HEATH, A.G.08/10/1915
HOBBS, A.B.08/10/1915
JOHNSON, E.R.08/10/1915
PALMER, E.09/10/1915
FOORD, G.H.13/10/1915
POOLE, R.A.14/10/1915
WALLIS, J.H.14/10/1915
GLENN, F.M.15/10/1915
DENNIS, T.R.19/10/1915
BURBRIDGE, B.20/10/1915
McCLELLAN, G.E.C.20/10/1915
COX, E.W.23/10/1915
PORTER, J.H.23/10/1915
LATTER, F.E.28/10/1915
REVENS, G.28/10/1915
SMITH, W.J.S.28/10/1915
WAREHAM, E.F.30/10/1915
TOWSE, C.H.08/11/1915
GREENAWAY, G.F.16/11/1915
SMITH, H.07/12/1915
COLLINS, WM;08/12/1915